Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ruinacre - S/T

Hardcore from Flagstaff Arizona. These guys had what I call the "southwest sound". A lot of bands from Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado all had a similar sound and these guys have it. It's sort of metallic, but not overly so, it's hard to describe unless you live around here and hear all the bands that I'm talking about.

Anyway, this stuff sort of blurs the line between fast metallic hardcore and power-violence. It's not quite what I think of as power-violence, but a lot of kids these days would probably call it that.

I'm pretty sure this would be cheap if you were to look around the web, Satan's Pimp did decent size presses of most of their releases, and a lot of them seem to have been forgotten by most people.

Grab this here:

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