Saturday, August 7, 2010

Black Death - Black Death

My next recommendation will go down in history as being one of the first all black heavy metal bands. Of course, I could only be speaking of Black Death.

Band: Black Death
Album: Black Death
Genre: Heavy Metal
Year: 1984
Origin: USA
Label: Auburn Records

These guys are more than just a racial milestone in metal though, their album is full of way above average heavy metal. In fact, this is one of my 50 favorite metal albums of all time, and one of the only heavy metal records to make that list. Everything about this album is done just right. The vocals are great, the guitar is great, etc. I can't recommend this stuff enough...really.

This stuff is beyond impossible to find a real copy of, and a download isn't easy to track down either because the name Black Death brings up just about every metal blog post ever. I'm hoping that uploading this will expose the band to more people. I've heard that Auburn Records wants to reissue this, so I'm hoping that actually happens, as this is one of the few metal albums to make my top 50 that I don't actually own.

Best Track(s): Fear No Evil, Black Death, Here Comes the Wrecking Crew

For fans of: Heavy metal