Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wellington - Discography

Wellington hailed from Arizona, played some nasty sludge. They were around and active in the mid/late 90s, but were done by the time this compilation came out in 2000.

I don't know too much more about them other than the fact that Ryan Butler (Unruh, Structure of Lies, Landmine Marathon, Northside Kings, etc.) played in the band.

Grab this here:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Devil - Live Entry

This was released twice, in asinine limitations each time, so that after two pressings there are 141 copies in existence: 100 of the tape and 41 of the 7"+CD. It's needless to say, that with limitations like that, this tape is now impossible to find for a reasonable price in a legit distro. I'm sharing this because I've seen people asking for somewhere between $25-$50 dollars for the tape version which is less than a year old. That's unacceptable.

Musically, Devil play nasty, ultra raw, and evil black/thrash. It's pretty good stuff if you can get past the fairly lo-fi recording. I personally think it was one of the better thrash releases of 2010/11.

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