Friday, July 30, 2010

Malaphar - Arisen from Flame

Band: Malaphar
Album: Arisen from Flame
Genre: Death metal
Year: 1992
Origin: Germany
Label: N/A

These guys are probably most famous for being the backing live band for Alex Schulze and Naked Whipper, but there music easily stands on it's own. This is top quality OSDM that has been relegated to literal obscurity (they have 15 listeners and less than 100 total listens on, and about 20 of those listens are mine). Musicially this is excellent, dark, evil sounding old school death metal. Good riffs, good vocals, and what I think is excellent drumming (I don't know why, but it stood out to me). The recording is also of good quality for a nearly 20 year old demo.

The demo is pretty tough to find, though if you check my blog I'm sure it will illuminate the path. I've also turned the entire Arisen from Flame demo into YouTube videos for preview purposes, as there was no way to check them out short of blindly downloading the demo before that.

Best Track(s): Below Pervetion, Outer Realms

Recommended for fans of: OSDM


(Download includes both the Arisen from Flame demo and the Promo 1991 demo)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Satan's Satyrs - Demo 2010

I acquired this demo on CD-R at the end of last year, before it was decided that a tape release was best. It's a great mix of black/punk-n-roll.

I don't know what the band plans to do next, but I'm looking forward to it, as this has been one of my top demos of the last year. The only shortcoming is that it's only 3 songs. I wish it was longer. Everything else about this is perfect for the style.

Grab this here:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Creepout - Discography

Creepout is Japan's finest Integrity worship. They even went as far as using a modified Asian version of the Integrity skull as their logo.

Musically, they are pretty much exactly what you would expect, metallic hardcore. Though lyrically they don't seem to follow in the typical "holy terror" footsteps, instead opting for more of a typical "tough guy" meets "youth crew" approach in that area. They do have a few songs that would fit the holy terror genre though. I can easily overlook the silly lyrics in part because they aren't native English speakers, and so they just go with what they know, but mostly because this album rages.

Once again, a quick internet search tuned up nothing, so this is, as far as I know, another R'lyeh Liberation Front exclusive...for now.

Grab it here:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mace - The Process of Elimination and The Evil in Good

Mace is a sadly overlooked crossover band that was active from the early to late 80's. Their first album, The Process of Elimination, was released in 1985 on Coma records. It was a pretty solid, but very strange, crossover thrash record.

Their second LP, The Evil in Good, released in 1987 on Black Dragon Records marked a shift to a more metal approach being noticeably more rooted in the thrash genre, though still including some punk/crossover elements. This album while being more metal for sure, is also stranger, and slightly more dark.

Their guitar player would latter have a hand in killing metal in the early 90's when he became a record producer and produced some awful grunge records (Pearl Jam being the biggest his credit he also did records for Alice in Chains and Blind Melon...).

Enough's the records:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dominus - A View To The Dim

Before they became Vol-beat (what a shitty progression...), or even released a garbage death-n-roll record (I like death-n-roll...I didn't like their take on it...), Dominus put out a super crushing, and by all accounts, excellent death metal album. View to the Dim is unrelenting. The drums pound away, the guitar is heavy, and the vocals fierce. You'd think from the cover art, they'd be all about vikings, and other lame crap, and you'd be partially right. They do have some songs about vikings, but they also have songs about the occult and some with anti-religious you're not in for some Amon Amarth style lyrical subject suckfest. Some of the members where also in Panzerchrist and Illdisposed.

Grab what may be the only non-shitty viking themed album here:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Morbid Angel - Evil Demos

This bootleg contains 3 rehearsal demos from '86 and '87, plus the Thy Kingdom Come studio demo. The rehearsal stuff is cool, though some of it is pretty raw. Nothing that I personally found to be unlistemable, but others may have a tough time dealing with the raw, live, and unedited quality of some of these tracks.

I grabbed this just to have the Thy Kingdom Come demo/single on CD, since it's terrific stuff. But was surprised to find that there's at least one track on here which didn't make it on to any of the full lengths to my knowledge. Entitled Re-animator's Mutilations, it appears only one one of the rehearsal demos, there's a chance that it's an early version of another song, but I don't seem to recall it sounding very familiar. There's also an unnamed track, and I can't be assed to figure out if it's on an album or not.

Other than that it's got quite a few raw MA favorites on it, and it's got Mike Browning on drums.

Make the grab here: