Friday, July 27, 2012

Speedwolf - Live in Albuquerque 7.22.12

This was the last show of their recent tour with Witchaven. The set was great, which is par for the course with Speedwolf, and the sound on this recording is great as well. The only really shitty thing about this show was that no one fucking showed up (and also that I had no money for merch, but that's more of a personal problem).

They do a Kiss cover, and a new, as of yet unreleased, song.

You can grab the FLAC files provided by Vorfeed here:
or if you're like me, and hate FLAC because they're huge and don't really offer that much of a quality boost over 320kbps Mp3s you can get my Mp3s here:

Speedwolf - Live in Albuquerque 3.13.12

Recorded by Vorfeed (

Speedwolf kicked off their March tour with a show in Albuquerque on the 13th. The show was packed, and a great time was had. This was a much better show than the July 22nd show, but the sound on this live recording is nowhere near as good. It's still not bad, but the vocals are pretty buried in the mix here, and you can hear people talking while the band is playing. They do a very awesome Venom cover towards the end of the set.

Grab the FLAC provided by Vorfeed here:

Or my VBR (no idea why I didn't use my standard 320kbps) Mp3s here: