Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chapel - Demo 2008

I have had exactly two things on my active "want list" for the past few years, Rosenfeld's Pigs of the Empire and this demo by Canada's Chapel. I'm happy to say that as of today, Only Rosenfeld remains.

Chapel play black rock'n'roll, not dissimilar to, but completely better than Midnight. I put a LOT of hype into hearing the 3 songs from this beast that didn't appear on their Myspace, and I'm happy to say that they lived up to the hype. This demo is certainly one of my favorite releases of all time, and has been since I heard the 3 songs in early 2009.

This demo is their only recorded output to date, though I've been told they have just finished recording an LP that should be out sometime in the semi-near future.

Grab this now!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vomitus - Discography

I know very little about the history of these guys aside from the fact that they're from Arizona, recorded two tapes (one of which went unreleased), and a split 7" with Flux of Disorder, and are no longer active. What I can tell you is that their two tapes are some of the best crusty hardcore/grind/metal that has ever been overlooked by most people.

Until I met a local punk rock fan at a show, I had almost completely forgotten about this band. I have owned the split wiht Flux of Disorder for probably 12 years, and while I used to listen to it a lot, I hadn't heard it in about half a decade...then this kid showed up with a Vomitus t-shirt. "Holy shit, is that a Vomitus shirt?" I inquired, totally perplexed because very few people around here are familiar with them. Turns out this dude used to be roommates with some guys in the band. He turned me on to both these tapes (and hooked it up with a sweet Vomitus t-shirt). Since, these aren't particularly easy to find on the web, I figured I'd share it. This link contains both the released Sutimov tape, and the unreleased, unnamed tape. The songs from the split with Flux of Disorder are taken from these two tapes, so this is, in essence, their complete discography.