Thursday, February 24, 2011

Speedwolf OOP releases...

Excellent US black speed punk. These two releases were requested by the guys over at Renrat's Metal Bazaar. It took me a while, but here they are.

Both of these (the Bark at the Poon demo tape, and the split 7" with The Hookers) are getting tougher to find, but I highly recommend that you pick them up if you see them around. They always come with stickers and other goodies.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fukrot - Local legends.

Fukrot was one of the best bands to ever grace the Albuquerque local scene. The music is a sludgy, crust, hardcore assault. The guitarist manages to get the BEST guitar tone in this history of 6 stringed instruments.

They toured a few times, and played quite frequently around town. Yet to me, they where one of the few bands that played a lot that never got boring.

It was really a sad day when the drummer moved to Portland putting the band on indefinite hiatus. The drummer and his wife formed Murderess in Portland, who are another great band, but they don't have the awful muck (this is a positive thing...) of Fukrot, while the guitarist and bassist continued to make similar under the name RoƱoso (Who I'll talk about in another post).

I still hope for a Fukrot reunion.