Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Doomsday 1999

These guys are without question the best bunch of guys I ever set a show up for. Really excellent music as well. Sort of silly, but not a joke band.

I can't really say too much else, what they where doing was fairly unique though it's pretty solidly rooted in grindcore. Just give it a listen for yourself. The link below includes both their albums; Maniac on the Floor and Racist Unicorn.

Doomsday 1999 discography download

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bloody Cross...

This stuff is RAW. It's nearly impossible to find, so deal with it.

Considered to be the first black metal band in Chile, Bloody Cross got their start in 1987 as The Morgue. The released one demo "Satan Tomorrow Attack" under than name before changing their moniker to Bloody Cross.

Their early stuff is pretty savage black thrash, but on the Godforsaken...Land full length they adopted sort of a Mayhem meets South American black thrash approach.

The broke up before releasing the second full length Satanas. They did release a promo for it however, which includes re-recordings of some of the stuff on the Satan Tomorrow Attack demo.

I have ripped all the tapes I have from this impossible to find band, and included a rip of Fear and Pain of God that has already made it's way around the blogs...5 in total.

The Morgue - Satan's Tomorrow Attack (1987):

Bloody Cross - Fall into the Hands of the Beast rehearsal (1989):

Bloody Cross - Fear and Pain of God (1991) (NOT MY RIP...INCLUDED FOR COMPLETENESS SAKE, and because it's their best stuff in my opinion):

Bloody Cross - Godforsaken...Land (1999):

Bloody Cross - Satanas promo (2001):