Monday, September 20, 2010

South America seems to be a hot spot for excellent black, Christ hating, thrash. This release however, stands head and shoulders above most recent South American black/thrash.

Band: Hades Archer
Album: Penis Metal
Genre: Black/thrash
Year: 2008
Origin: Chile
Label: Kuravilu Productions

Formed in 2005 by members of Atomic Aggressor and Force of Darkness, Hades Archer play some savage, raw, black/thrash.There's little here that hasn't been done before, but the delivery of Hades Archer is of a caliber that is seldom reached. For those of you familiar with Force of Darkness, this stuff is much less thrashy, and quite a bit rawer. It's like someone took early Sodom and early Sarcofago and threw it in a blender.

I was originally sort of put off by the album title, but when the release is this good, you can call it whatever you want I guess. This is a short one, blazing by in just under 15 min. 3 of which are spent on a cover of Sodom's Pretenders to the Throne, which is very well done. Definitely one of the best things to come from South America, a place with a fairly decent amount of good releases.

Best track(s): The Stench (Cadaver on the Cross), Pretenders to the Throne

Recommended for fans of: Perversor, Vomitor, early Sarcofago, early Sodom


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This download includes the Penis Metal EP, and both demos.